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Stockmar Decorating Wax 12 Colors

Craft Supplies


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Stockmar Decorative Wax Sheets can be used to make wonderfully decorative candles, or beautiful wax pictures on glass. There are 12 sheets of beautiful, light-fast color pigments each measuring 7.87x1.57x0.04 inches The sheets can be cut, kneaded and shaped to stick on surfaces.

To decorate candles: pinch off portions of the wax sheets, warm the wax in your hands, and apply to the candle. Or, use a craft knife to cut wax sheets into more precise designs. Candles can be decorated to suit the season or personalized for special occasions. A great craft for children and adults, and they make wonderful gifts.

Colors include: ivory, carmine red, vermilion, golden yellow, yellow green, green, blue, light blue, red violet, rust, black, pink.

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