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Waldorf Doll, Blue Clothing, Bunting

Waldorf Dolls


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Made with 100% fair trade organic cotton cloth. The hair is made from the community’s own organic hand-dyed sheep’s wool; the clothing is 100% fair trade organic cotton cloth.  Each doll is stuffed with wool from bio-dynamically raised sheep from the Camphill community..

  • Height: approx. 9.5"
  • Skin: light
  • Hair: orange
  • Clothing: Colorful blue flower print. Fabric patterns may vary.
  • Doll: bunting, no defined legs

Our dolls are made in the classic Waldorf style, simple and spare.  Waldorf dolls are intentionally made simple in order to allow children to employ and strengthen their imagination and creativity.  We find our dolls to be extra special, as they are handmade by members of the Camphill community of Botton Village, England. One of the first workshops in Botton Village, the dollshop has been producing soft toy dolls for many years. The designs have changed over time but the essence of a child’s doll - soft and warm, made in a traditional way from natural fabrics - has remained the same.


About the Camphill Community:

Camphill communities are residential "life-sharing communities" and schools for adults and children with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs, which provide services and support for work, learning and daily living. There are 119 Camphill communities in 23 countries in Europe, North America, southern Africa and Asia. 

The Camphill community in Botton Village, England, includes a toyshop, candlemaking shop, weavery, pottery shop, metal shop, and woodworking shop.

The sale of each doll helps to support the Camphill community.