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"Advent Lantern" Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars


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  • Shine your lantern bright in the dark winter night!

    The anticipation builds as the children open the 24 little windows to count the days from December 1st through December 24th. Children love this tangible way of counting the days until Christmas. 

    Iluminated with a light inside, this four-sided lantern allows the pictures to shine as each door is opened. Alternatively, the four sides could be cut and hung in front of a window. Inside, there is a treasury of little pictures to be discovered, showing crystals, plants, animals and angels, leading to a nativity scene for Christmas Eve - this is the 24th picture, although the calendar has 28 illustrations in total.

    Illustrated by Bernadette Lips

    Size: 4 panels each measures 12 x 9 inches (320 x 230 mm)

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