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Long Playground Jump Rope, Natural Undyed with Hand-Spliced Center Weight and Looped Handles, Single or Pair (Double Dutch)

Jump Ropes


Long Playground Jump Rope, Natural Undyed, Hand-Spliced, Single or Pair (Double Dutch)

Same great hand-spliced, playground-length rope, now available in white. We've had requests for an undyed rope, so here it is in all its old-school goodness. You can either dye it yourself or leave it in its natural state. Length is between 14' - 15'. Great on its own as a single rope or for playing Double Dutch you will need a pair of two ropes. A pair of two ropes for Double Dutch are made as a pair to ensure lengths match.

We at Jupiter’s Child believe that childhood should be a lot of fun. That’s why we decided to create what might possibly be the Ultimate Jump Rope. None of that plastic-y, beady stuff.

These longer, 3-person jump ropes have sturdy looped handles as well as a beautifully-spliced center weight to create the perfect arc and reduce wobble. If desired, you can wash them in the washing machine and hang them up to dry. They are quite sturdy.

These are the kind of ropes that have been used on Waldorf School playgrounds for many years. Running, skipping, jumping rope and balancing allow the child to develop the physical coordination and control needed to perform the more complicated and challenging skills involved in reading and writing. But don’t tell your children. We’d hate to spoil their fun.

Customer comments:
❤ "YIPPEE!!!! Fantastic Skipping rope! Great service! Fantastic product. I bought this one for my daughters class to use!"
❤ "Wow, such quick shipping! The jump rope is well crafted and beautiful. Thank you so much!"
❤ "No plastic handles to crack, no wooden handles to be used as weapons by active boys. A winner!"

Note to parents: Be safe. Ropes of any kind should be used with adult supervision. Not intended for use by children under 3 years old.

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