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Gnome Brothers' Card Set



Gnome Brothers delivers mischievous, kindhearted friends to your door, ready to share on simple, sturdy notecards.  They will arrive tucked safely inside a reusable box, and are available for every season.  Keep an eye on these crafty fellows; they soon will be popping up in new products! 

Variety Pack, 12 cards, 4 of each design / 13 envelopes.  Includes the Gnome Brothers outside biking, swinging and swimming.

Holiday Pack, 12 cards, 4 of each design / 13 envelopes.  Depicts winter scenes as the Gnome Brothers building a snowman to sitting by the fire.

About The Gnomes

The gnomes are close-knit brothers who live in the thickest part of the forest.  Hard work laced with droll humor and a deep fraternal bond is the mainstay of their lives. As you can see, they are also good at the twinkles of life.  Cold, clean water, fresh air and rustic, tasty food embellish each day.  

Artwork by Cooper Karisch.  Cooper has been drawing and painting most of his life.  Jack, his twin brother, provided the mischievous inspiration for the gnomes' interaction.