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Silk Pouch of Waldorf Mini Silk Scraps


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This beautifully made silk pouch contains six pieces (approximately 10") of colored silk scraps from the studio of Sarah’s Silks, the maker of our Rainbow Streamers and Comet Skytail. The scraps are cut from a variety of solid color and rainbow play silks, so each bag has a variety of colors. Bag is in various colors as well and may not be the same as the picture.  They may or may not have hemmed edges.

Many children like to use these silk scraps to make tiny doll clothes, little blankets and rugs for dollhouses, and to wrap tiny treasures in. The silk scraps are also perfect for various craft ideas, such as collages, fairy mobiles and garlands. Also include in the bag are various items, such as little ribbon roses, ribbons, or fairy fabric. These little surprises will vary.